A word from Ray – March

A word from Ray – March

I suppose that you have already ordered your plane ticket, or charted your route with great anticipation of joining together with us, your faith family, at next month’s National Gathering.  It is going to be an absolutely great time of encountering the Lord, being refreshed as we sit together under the Word, finding encouragement in “fellowship,” and having our hope renewed as we are reminded of the collegiality within this like-minded group. If for any reason you haven’t yet made your plans to join us, it is not too late…jump on this trending trajectory and register to attend.

In addition to gearing up for this amazing annual event, I have regularly found myself gathering with churches and pastors within our community as they consider how they might make stronger commitments, aligning with the Fellowship Community. Many of our churches are asking intentional questions about the upcoming overture that will land at General Assembly this year. There are continued concerns and apprehensions about the direction that this overture could take our denomination. Regardless of this overture, the direction that we sense our denomination to be heading, and the confusion or the worry that this may cause for many of us, there is no better time than now for all of us to lean into the strength of being kin together.

Moving our attention off of our annual gathering, and to our daily call of leading our churches, let me encourage each of us as we reach the culmination of this Lenten season. Have you found rest, examination, repentance, and restoration in this season? While walking with your congregation, may you yourself walk toward the arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection of the Messiah this Holy Week. May the Passion of Christ’s sacrifice and the victory of His resurrection be a contagion for each of us. May we live sacrificially, offering the world we encounter vibrant expressions of His love, detailing His pursuit of each of us, and declaring the victory of the new life we have received in Jesus Christ.

May you be blessed,

Pastor Ray Garcia

Ray Garcia is pastor of Roxborough Church in Philadelphia, PA and serves as The Fellowship Community’s Coordinator for Connections and Recruitment.