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Life in Fellowship – Donna Marsh

Take a listen to Life in Fellowship as Pastors Mike McClenahan and Donna Marsh discuss Donna’s call to ministry, the work that she does at National Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC, and the future of the Fellowship Community. Watch the conversation on YouTube:

Character Matters

by Dan Baumgartner Just so you won’t have to wonder as you read this first paragraph, I’m 62 years old. Barely. Okay, with that out of the way…John Stott is gone. Dallas Willard is gone. Eugene Peterson is gone. Some of the main people I have read, quoted, learned from, and admired over the years…
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동역자 여러분께 드리는 글

2021년 3월 댄 바움가트너 먼저 궁금해 하실까 해서 알려드리는 것은 제 나이가 이제 62세가 되었습니다. 죤 스토트가 하늘나라로 가셨습니다. 달라스 윌라드도 가셨고, 유진 피터슨도 가셨습니다.  제가 늘 읽고 인용하고 배우고 수십 년을 존경해 왔던 큰 분들 중에 몇 분들이 이제는 주님과 함께 계십니다. 남은 분들중, 플레밍 루트레지, 데일 브루너, 프레데릭 부크너, 웬델 베리 등은 80대나…
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The Power of Story

Think back to the most powerful sermon or sermons you’ve ever listened to. What is it that you remember from them? Most likely, it was a story that illustrated a theological concept, or perhaps it was an analogy that captured your attention and brought the sermon to life in significant ways. For me, there was…
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