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Connection is at the heart of the Fellowship Community; it’s both in our name and our ministry identity. But we know that — especially this past year — ministry connections can often be difficult to maintain. So starting in January of 2021 we’ve been sending out Together, a monthly email of news and updates, so that we can stay connected with one another during the “in-between times” of National and Regional Gatherings. In each issue we offer pastoral reflections, stories about ministries and links to interviews with ministry leaders around the nation, and/or ministry resources. We also keep you up-to-date on important events. We send out Together to everyone on our mailing list. To sign up, click the sign up for email updates button below. Interested in contributing? Send us an email with your story ideas! And watch your inbox — each issue comes out on the 15th of the month!

In Christ’s Love, The Fellowship Community Board

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Tod Bolsinger Recording

Thanks to all who joined us back on October 28 online for an afternoon with Tod Bolsinger on his latest book, Tempered Resilience. If you’d like to access the recording[…]

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From the Depths

I finished the Christmas Eve service here in Northern California, zipped over to our small airport and hopped a plane to Seattle (our hometown) to join Anne, all our kids[…]

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목회자 친구분들께 드리는 글

목회자 친구분들께 드리는 글 2022년 1월             댄 바움가트너   이곳 북가주에서 성탄이브예배를 마치고 작은 공항으로 가서 고향인 시애틀로 가는 비행기를 타고 아내 앤과 우리 아이들 그리고 두 가족이 함께 연말을[…]

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