Life in Fellowship – Nick Warnes

Take a listen to our new podcast, Life in Fellowship. In this month’s episode of Life in Fellowship, TFC Board Chair Mike McClenahan talks with Nick Warnes, founder and executive director of Cyclical, about faithful innovation. Or watch the conversation on YouTube: Play in new window | Download

What’s prayer all about?

                What’s a pastor good for, anyway?  When all else fails, when sermons bomb and creativity falters and pandemics hinder worship and patience with people wanes…we pray.  This is possibly our very highest calling, but it still begs the follow-up question: what is prayer all about? Whatever Reformed,…
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기도란 무엇인가요?

                목사가 잘 하는 것이 무엇인가요? 모든 것이 실패할 때, 설교를 망치고 창조성이 더디어지고, 팬데믹이 예배를 방해하고, 교인들에 대한 인내가 약해질 때 우리는 기도합니다. 아마도 이것이 가장 높고 귀한 소명일 것입니다. 그러나 아직도 다음 질문이 따라옵니다. 기도란 무엇인가요? 개혁신앙과 칼빈주의로 꽉 차 있는 내 자신도 외치기를 원합니다. “하나님이…
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Community service

Some people think that the divide between the church and the world is greater than ever. Whether true or not, three pastors in small-town Shenango Presbytery in Pennsylvania have seized the opportunity to serve their communities through local politics and have found this to be a valuable part of the ministry to which they are…
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