Life in Fellowship – James Cubie

In this month’s episode of Life in Fellowship, TFC  Board President Mike McClenahan talks with TFC Board member James Cubie, pastor at Mattituck Presbyterian Church in Long Island, New York, about the TFC value of Jesus-Shaped Identity and how it shapes discipleshipin their ministries. Watch the conversation on YouTube:


Our church has been in the Gospel of Luke for an entire year.  We started in Advent of 2020 and just kept going. We did skip ahead during Lent and Easter 2021 to synch with the cross and resurrection, then went right back to where we were.  Now we’ve nearly finished, having completed roughly 50…
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목회 동역자 친구분들께 드리는 글

목회 동역자 친구분들께 드리는 글 2021년 11월 7일        댄 바움가트너   저희 교회에서는 누가복음을 1년동안 공부해 왔습니다. 2020년 대강절에 시작을 해서 꾸준히 해 왔습니다. 2021년 부활절과 사순절 기간에는 십자가와 부활에 촛점을 맞추느라 쉬고 다시 누가복음으로 돌아왔습니다. 이제 누가복음 강해 설교 50편을 하고 거의 마쳐갑니다. 누가복음 강해설교가 요즈음에 권장하는 짧은 시간동안 하는 주제설교가 아니라는 것도 저도…
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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father, we praise you and give thanks for the bounty of your gifts; especially the gift of life, which we receive by your grace, and the new life you give in Jesus Christ. The world surrounds us with images and ideas trying to convince us that we don’t have enough material wealth, popularity, beauty, or…
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