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A network of Presbyterian churches and leaders called together to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What does it mean to be a member of The Fellowship Community?

Any time someone officially joins an organization there are benefits to being part of it. While anyone is welcome to participate in TFC events and gatherings, we believe formally joining us as members carries several benefits including the following:

  • Identity – as part of The Fellowship Community you and/or your church are formally declaring your commitment to theological and biblical integrity within our Reformed branch of the Church as articulated in our Essential Tenets. Many member congregations, add our logo to their websites or bulletins to demonstrate this identity. 
  • Relational – The Fellowship Community is about building relationships with others who share our theological commitments. We offer several ways to do that through regular National Gatherings and Theology Conferences as well as periodic Regional and Pastor’s Gatherings and a visible presence at General Assembly. Through Mission Affinity Groups many TFC members have found regular relational connections for encouragement and accountability. We also provide a way to hear how our sisters and brothers in Christ are living out their faith through our social media channels and website. 
  • Growth – TFC’s goal is to help every member become a better witness for Jesus Christ in their context. At our gatherings and conferences, we are committed to providing opportunities to learn from leaders inside and outside our Reformed tradition so we can gain from the best practices available. As a member you have access to that teaching and learning and your support ensures we can continue to bring those opportunities to fruition in the future.

Joining The Fellowship Community is simple, but simply joining is not the point.  By becoming a member of The Fellowship Community you are making a commitment to live differently—actively embodying the good news of Jesus Christ wherever God places you. Membership for Congregations click here.


Membership for Individuals

Depending on your context, we have developed three distinct types of individual membership.

Member – $125/year – Sign Covenant for Individuals – receive **10% off your individual registration for the National Gathering, and a listing on the website. 

Contributing Member – $125/year + auto-payment of $10+/month – Sign Covenant for Individuals – receive 15% off your individual registration for the National Gathering and a listing on the website. As a Contributing Member your support helps maintain the financial resourcing for TFC throughout the year through a monthly contribution.

Friend of the Fellowship – $125/year – do not sign Covenant – We realize that some individuals would like to support the work of TFC but, for various reasons, do not want to highlight that association. Friends of the Fellowship receive a **10% off an individual registration, and will not be listed on the website.

To join follow these steps…


Join by mail: 

Please send your signed Covenant for Individual and Membership Application along with your check to 600 E State St., Sharon, PA 16146.

You will receive confirmation of your membership and will also receive continuing updates on events and resources, early notification of special offers, and opportunities for Fellowship Community members. In addition, we encourage you to use our resources to strengthen your accountability and growth in ministry with other individuals and congregations in your region who are members or friends of The Fellowship Community.


For more information about membership, click here.