Category: Fellowship Community

The Importance of Friends in Christ: The 2018 Pastor’s Gathering

The Fellowship Community holds dear as one its core values the desire, indeed need, for friendships in Christ. Toward that end we host, and invite all, to an annual Pastor’s Gathering.

The Value of the Pastoral Rule

A Pastoral Rule reflects on practices that make for faithful ministry. It is aware of the challenges ministry brings. It is written in the knowledge that no rule is perfect, and the conviction that a guide to good practices can be a real help as we seek faithfully to serve Jesus Christ and his people.

Richard Burnett, “Who Needs Confessions of Faith?”

“Why do we have confessions of faith?” That’s the starting-point for Richard Burnett’s exploration of the importance and power of confessions of faith for our life together.

The Importance of the Creeds and Catholicity

Professor Vanhoozer discusses the importance of our affirmation of the authority of Scripture and the trickiness of the priesthood of all believers.