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December Prayer

Father, we praise the awesome power of your love and grace poured out to us in the gift of your Son. You sent the Lord Jesus to share the weakness of our worldly existence and yet bring the saving power of your Kingdom to bear on our sufferings, troubles, and misguided lives. Every year in…
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투게더 기도

투게더 기도 2021년 12월   하나님 아버지, 하나님의 사랑의 놀라우신 능력과 독생자 아들을 우리에게 주신 은혜를 찬양합니다. 하나님은 주 예수님을 우리에게 보내셔서 우리의 육적인 존재의 약함을 나누시고 우리의 고통과 문제 그리고 잘못된 삶을 감당하시고 하나님 나라의 구원의 능력을 보내주심을 감사드립니다.   매년 이 때가 되면 우리는 물질적인 선물 안에서 행복을 찾으려는 유혹에 빠지고 매일 만나는…
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Life in Fellowship – James Cubie

In this month’s episode of Life in Fellowship, TFC  Board President Mike McClenahan talks with TFC Board member James Cubie, pastor at Mattituck Presbyterian Church in Long Island, New York, about the TFC value of Jesus-Shaped Identity and how it shapes discipleshipin their ministries. Watch the conversation on YouTube:


Our church has been in the Gospel of Luke for an entire year.  We started in Advent of 2020 and just kept going. We did skip ahead during Lent and Easter 2021 to synch with the cross and resurrection, then went right back to where we were.  Now we’ve nearly finished, having completed roughly 50…
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