Scott Smith at the 2020 National Gathering

Scott Smith at the 2020 National Gathering

The Fellowship Community is proud to welcome Scott Smith to be part of our 2020 National Gathering in Durham, NC!

Scott Smith is a spoken word artist, speaker and event emcee. He is also the founder and director of Ripe Creatives, a Christian non-profit organization under the umbrella of Artists in Christian Testimony International. Ripe Creatives seeks to spread the good news of the gospel through creative expression and equip Christian artists to engage the world with excellence, humility and truth. They accomplish their mission by representing Christ in creative spaces, developing platforms and events for Christian artists, & encouraging the Church to love, serve,  and reach the community around them.

“Ripe” is the brand name of a community of creators based in the city of Philadelphia. Comprising 3 distinct entities (Ripe Creation LLC, Ripe Music, and Ripe Creatives 501c3), the team works together to impact culture as values and purpose align. This is executed through intentional and interpersonal community, creating content, curating events, and connecting artists together from across the region. While each entity is unique in its particular focus — through covenantal relationship — they build and serve together to bring forth restorative hope to the city of Philadelphia.

At the National Gathering, Scott will lead us in paying attention to God’s Word in fresh and original ways. To learn more about Scott, you can visit him on Instagram and Creatives Philly’s Facebook page. And for a preview of Scott’s spoken word talents, check out the video below:


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