Registration Update for the August Gathering

Registration Update for the August Gathering

As of June 24, we have reached our initial registration capacity for the main ballroom, 1,100 seat maximum. We have made arrangements for an additional 350 spaces in an adjacent room that will have both a live feed of all the presentations and full opportunity for group interaction, conversation, and feedback. Once those 350 seats are taken, we will begin a waiting list.

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  1. Jake Horner says:

    Is there any possibility that the plenaries (at least) could be streamed over the internet? I, for one, have a schedule conflict and can’t attend, but am very interested in hearing what goes on. I’ll bet I’m not the only one. Ditto for the Com. of Correspondence meeting to follow.


    Jake H.

    • Richard Haney says:

      I too appreciate you considering a larger capacity venue or streaming options. I’d like to attend but the option of the overflow video room is not appealing. I’m waiting to see what you will do!


      Richard H.

  2. Samuel Lee says:

    I join Jake’s request (or suggestion) for streaming via Internet of the Fellowship gathering’s plenary sessions. If the live streaming is not possible, then may be recording of the plenary sessions can be offered via YouTube or Fellowship’s website.

  3. Tee Gatewood says:

    Is there any possibility of finding a larger space? As a last minute slacker who
    1. is planning on coming and
    2. hasn’t made reservations
    I would nevertheless love to feel a part of the proceedings. I expect that I am not alone.
    tee gatewood

    • pauldetterman says:

      We’re working on several possibilities for venue and also for streaming. While this is a nice problem to have, it is one we are resolving ASAP.

  4. Kriss Bottino says:

    Any woman out there interested in sharing a room? Currently I’m at the Crowne but would love to move to the Sheraton or have someone join me to help defray costs. If so you can call me at 509-582-9537.

    Also, thank you to all who are pulling this together. Your work is greatly appreciated by many. Blessings to you, particularly in the ‘headaches’ of orchestrating such an event.

  5. Rebecca O'Hara says:

    God is clearly at work! Streaming would be great. While I am registered for the Gathering along with other Alaskans it is a long way to Minnesota from Alaska. Streaming would allow for local events that could involve a lot more interested people.

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