Darrell Guder at the Fall Gatherings in San Diego

Darrell Guder at the Fall Gatherings in San Diego

The Fellowship Community is pleased to announce Darrell Guder as one of the key presenters at both The Pastors’ Gathering and The Theology Conference this Fall. 

Held from October 14-16 for the Pastors’ Gathering and October 16-18 for the Theology Conference at First Presbyterian Church, San Diego we will wrestle with two formational questions that are critical church leaders. 

At the Pastors’ Gathering Darrell Guder, the recently retired Dean of Faculty at Princeton Theological Seminary, will help us explore thoughtful, even profound responses to the question ‘The End of Christendom: Threat or Opportunity?’ Guder has been at forefront of this conversation. His books The Incarnation and the Church’s Witness, The Continuing Conversion of the Church among others have set the direction and pace of the conversation for more than a generation.

At the Theology Conference, Guder will lead us in discerning ‘Where is the Missional Conversation now?’

Guder, with others, initiated the missional conversation and has been a formative leader in the conversation ever since. His recent book Called to Witness: Doing Missional Theology Today will guide our conversation. Read it beforehand and prepare to fully engage in the conversation.

Other key presenters will be announced soon. Come. Spend a week with Darrell Guder considering the questions on which he has expended a lifetime of fruitful pastoral and theological leadership.