A word from Ray – October 2023

A word from Ray – October 2023

I can remember 10+ years ago being gathered in a room with hundreds of fellow PCUSA believers aligned around our faith and specifically tied together by the cadence of our historically evangelical heartbeat. As a newly ordained pastor, serving in my first (and only) ordained call, I wanted to find a tribe that radically lived out their faith, and I knew that I had. Now a dozen years later, The Fellowship is not only my tribe in the faith, we are a lifeline, extending our hands, in faith, as support for one another and as theological siblings.

It is unimaginable the ways in which this opportunity has come about. Joining the staff of The Fellowship, will prayerfully be the beginning of a grand story about how God has continued to ordain moments and encounters, with other sojourning faith siblings, inviting them into the community, finding Fellowship. That actually is the fulfillment of my role on this team. What a blessing it is proving to be, to get to help each member of our family, consider whom the Lord is surrounding them with, and offering to help extend the invitation for these individuals to join The Fellowship.

The beauty of the Christian faith is Christ’s love for all of us. The beauty of The Community, much like the local communities we live in, is the intimacy of being neighbors and kin. Can you envision with me a dozen new pastors, churches, and church leaders gathering together with us at this year’s National Gathering? Can you imagine the joy in the room as we grow younger and more diverse? Can you begin to dream about a sustainable way for our Fellowship to gain traction and influence with undergraduate women and men who are looking to enter into seminary, aligning them with The Fellowship Community throughout their education and discernment of call?

These are the dreams that I am so excited to spear-head on behalf of The Fellowship. Together with each of you, we can continue to grow this Fellowship to become more of a Community for us and many others.


Ray Garcia

Director of Connections and Recruitment