Theological Essentials

The Fellowship of Presbyterians — and the emerging new Reformed Body — will be grounded in a set of theological essentials. A group has been working hard on developing core documents that will propose confessional standards, essential tenets, and a process for continuing theological conversations.

Leading this effort are Jerry Andrews (pastor of First Presbyterian Church in San Diego), Laura Smit (associate professor of theology at Calvin College) and Joe Small, former director of Theology, Worship, and Education for the PC(USA), along with the board of directors for the Fellowship of Presbyterians.

The theology group is working on behalf of both the Fellowship of Presbyterians (to help strengthen the theological understanding of people regardless of any denominational realignment), and the emerging new Reformed Body (helping clarify the theological DNA of those who form a totally new Reformed body).

Drafts of their documents should be available for thoughtful discussion within the next several weeks. Pray for their work and process as we continue to unite around a shared mission!