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Carol Kaminski

Carol Kaminski – The Mission of God

The Mission of God: Through Unlikely People and Unlikely Circumstances God called Abraham from a family of idol worshippers to be a blessing to the nations, yet he and his wife were unlikely candidates for this extraordinary task! The Creator God always establishes his missional plan through unlikely people and unlikely circumstances. In this video…
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Anna Kent

Anna Kent – Mission Affinity Groups

One of the founding values of both the Fellowship and ECO is to support the health of congregations through Mission Affinity Groups (MAGs). Explore the impact of MAGs and how congregations are being transformed through these relationships. In this video from the 2014 National Gathering Anna Kent explores the health of the community and the…
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Alan Hirsch 2014 Gathering

Alan Hirsch – Shaped by Jesus

True community follows and imitates the character of Jesus. When Jesus Christ is the center of our lives and making disciples is the center of our church mission, community stops being about us and starts being a movement. During the 2014 National Gathering Alan Hirsch talks about being re-calibrated to being shaped by Jesus. Do…
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Jim Singleton 2014 Gathering

Jim Singleton – Did We Get the Right Blueprint?

One of the challenges of our day is that the relationship of the culture and the church is changing almost monthly. Is there a new picture we need for a new day? As we talk about moving from “Consumerism to Community” during the National Gathering Jim Singleton challenges us about our approach to changes. Where…
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