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Kent Carlson and Mike Leuken - Community of “Apprentices”

Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken – Community of “Apprentices”

The Renovation of the Church When we let go of our visions of what success looks like, and if we are able to face ourselves and our own woundedness, there is great potential for God to move in our lives and in our ministries. As co-pastors of Oak Hills Church in Folsom, California, Kent Carlson…
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Alan Hirsch - Community of Leaders

Alan Hirsch – Community of Leaders

“Shaped By Shared Leadership” True community empowers every member to embrace his or her role. Instead of a single leader assuming responsibility, Ephesians 4 offers a model of what greater ministry engagement and impact looks like when everyone gets in the game. Alan Hirsch explains why the reformed church should be continually reforming according to…
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Katherine Alsdorf - The Church Scattered

Katherine Alsdorf – The Church Scattered

“Connecting Your Work to God’s Work” Katherine Alsdorf unpacks how a faith and work ministry will help you and your church move forward in the values that ECO and the Fellowship put forth. She lines out three reason why your church should make a major commitment to faith and work ministry regardless of the size…
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Michael Homan - Faith and Work

Michael Homan – Faith and Work

In this short video from the 2014 Gathering, Michael Homan introduces Katherine Alsdorf and her talk “The Church Scattered: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work.” And asks what does it look like for a community shaped in reformed theology to be the church not only gathered but scattered into the work?