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One-Size-Fits-All or A Common Pursuit?

These are personal observations shared by Keith Hill, Pastor of St. Giles Presbyterian in Richmond, VA, based on his experience at a recent Fellowship planning meeting. I was one of the people present for the June planning meeting for the August Gathering.  As an agenda for the Gathering was formed,

Reserve Your Hotel Room for August Gathering

Registrations keep coming in and our conference continues to grow.  We are delighted to announce that we have rearranged the meeting space with the generous cooperation of the Sheraton to accommodate more people.  Hotel rooms are filling, however. We

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A First-Hand Account . . .

These are observations shared by Gayle Parker, Pastor of The Spring in Tempe, AZ, based on her experience at a recent Fellowship planning meeting. As a member of the Advisory Group for the Fellowship, I was one of the people who attended the planning meeting in June. Here is what I observed: