Aspen Trees

Aspen Trees

Community with Deep Roots

Aspen trees grow in groves… birthed from a single seedling. Their roots are deep, and their reach is so large that new trees will often appear great distances away. Individual aspen trees may live up to 150 years, but when one tree dies, the grove lives on by sending up new shoots. This is an example of God’s design for community lived out in nature.

The Church is designed to be a similar expression of community. Birthed and rooted in Jesus Christ, a healthy church produces new disciples of Jesus, and the roots of a healthy church community reach far beyond a single congregation or denomination. Unfortunately, many contemporary people do not experience this type of community in the church.

The Fellowship Community is designed to be a healthy expression of God’s community: people experiencing life together shaped by the good news of Jesus Christ. Each individual and congregation has a unique place in the “grove,” but together we embody the gospel. We cannot survive and grow apart from the community or separated from its Source. The Fellowship community is committed to:

• nurturing a gospel-centered witness within the PC(USA)
• creating authentic relationships of support and accountability
• deepening our ability to communicate the faith
• engaging the culture around us with humility and confidence
• expanding relationships with our counterparts in other mainline denominations.

This is the Fellowship Community, and we invite you to join us!