Small Church Ministry

Small churches – there are thousands of them, each one different from all the rest.

Small churches can be easily overlooked in the clutter of a city neighborhood or the panorama of a countryside. They can look cute or quaint, nourished or neglected.  Individually they each have their own unique story.  Together, they form the majority of the Body of Christ!

Small churches, and the dedicated people who hear God’s call to join them and to lead them, are often overlooked in a culture where “bigger” is thought to be “better.”  But small churches can embody the gospel of Jesus Christ in unique and amazing ways.

– Small churches provide opportunities for intergenerational worship and ministry.

– Small churches can offer a compassionate embrace to people with special needs and the families who care for them.

– Small churches can be a fertile ground for nurturing the involvement of many people in the leadership of worship, mission, and other hands-on ministries.

And small churches have natural networks of connection which can offer a sense of welcome to people in their urban neighborhood, in their community, or in their region.  A healthy small church can be an important alternative family to people who are isolated, lonely, or neglected.

In The Fellowship Community, we believe small churches can be AMAZING! We are dedicated to creating and nurturing ministries of connection, spiritual growth, prayer, and support for small churches and the people who lead them.

Learn more about our Wee Kirk Conferences for small church ministries.