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Ready for the Incarnation

We went to New York City last week.  We usually journey there the first week of December. Two of our three adult kids and spouses are there, as well as a running race in Central Park, museums, great food, bookstores and…well, New York at Christmas. We love it. One of my required stops is always…
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I think I need bigger dreams. It was reinforced in a coffee shop recently.  The guy in line in front of me said to the cashier, “How’re you doing?”  The answer, which you’ve heard before, was, “Oh, you know. Livin’ the dream.”  Complete with eye roll. Any time I hear someone say they are “livin’…
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Life in Fellowship – James Cubie

In this month’s episode of Life in Fellowship, TFC  Board President Mike McClenahan talks with TFC Board member James Cubie, pastor at Mattituck Presbyterian Church in Long Island, New York, about the TFC value of Jesus-Shaped Identity and how it shapes discipleshipin their ministries. Watch the conversation on YouTube: