What We Do

Our Commitments

  • National Gatherings offer preaching, teaching, worship, fellowship, inspiration, and networking with like-minded disciples of Jesus Christ: This is the time when we celebrate the successes of our year apart, and plan for the year ahead.
  • “Covenant Contact” includes, but also means more than “Constant Contact” via digital media – it means we want to know where you are in ministry, and we want to pray with, encourage, and support you.
  • Establish New Worshiping Communities is a central element to participation in The Fellowship Community.  TFC members have been challenged to launch 250 of the 1001 new worshiping communities in support of the PC(USA)’s initiative.
  • The Theology Conference builds on our confessional standards, clarifies the elements of our theological and confessional heritage that are essential to the faith, and outlines possibilities for ongoing theological conversations.
  • Racial justice and reconciliation is central to our call to be in fellowship with one another. The New Testament is clear: We cannot be a community united in Christ, if we are divided in any way along racial, ethnic lines.
  • We seek to live in fellowship with the Global Church by supporting the work of our brothers and sisters around the world, and by learning from their witness.


For more on The Pastoral Rule, the Individual Covenant, the Church Covenant, or Mission Affinity Groups please click the appropriate link.