More on Membership

Why would an individual be a member of TFC if their congregation was a member? 

An individual may want to support the work of TFC regardless of congregational membership and as a member also clarify their own theological and biblical identity. For ministers of Word and Sacrament, establishing membership helps future congregations understand your theological convictions from the outset. At both the congregational and individual level membership is an investment in the future of the larger Church.


Are there discounts for small churches or seminary students? 

Small churches: If a congregation has significant need for a discounted membership, one may be applied for by emailing 

Students: Currently enrolled college or seminary students who cannot pay the membership rates but would like to affiliate may apply for a $50 membership rate with proof of eligibility, and they will have access to special National Gathering scholarships.


Will TFC send me a reminder when my membership is set to expire?

TFC will send out reminders to individuals and congregations whose membership is set to expire. 


Membership Levels in Summary