May Prayer

May Prayer

Father of all hope and promise, we come to you as a people who are weary of lives that can be difficult enough without the added worries and seemingly endless precautions and restrictions caused by this pandemic. We see a world divided in so many ways filled with anger, mistrust, and misinformation and see little reason to hope for solutions that will bring much needed relief or unity.


You are the one true hope, and as your faithful, we offer our prayers for healing and protection for ourselves and the world from the ravages of this pandemic—from the illnesses, death, and other upsets in our lives. We pray for the medical professionals and scientists working to bring vaccinations and treatments to bear on this pandemic and all the other illnesses that are still with us. We pray for the education administrations, faculties, and students and their families who are and will be working to recover from less than effective, even chaotic, learning environments. We pray for our government leadership, their wisdom to find solutions to bear on the needs today and lead us to a future that is of your design and filled with your hope.


We pray that by your grace a divided people find unity in your love and the voices of anger and hate are calmed and brought together as one in you and that we become a people not focused on our differences but who celebrate the beauty of diversity.


We pray that we are able to see the gifts you have blessed us with and ways to use those gifts to fulfill your purposes and promises through opportunities to serve our neighbors and sharing our struggles.

We thank you for the small glimpses of your Kingdom we see through our laughter and dreams and remember that we cannot imagine what you have prepared for those who love you.


You have given us the fulfillment of all your hope and promises through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and may we always persevere in our prayers of a hope that does not disappoint through His Holy Name. Amen