October Prayer

Father, we raise our prayers to you for our human family. May your love and grace abound in our homes in whatever form those homes may take. We ask that you give all a place to live where there is love, affection, nurturing, the sharing of burdens, and security. Keep away bitterness, anger, strife, and,…
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투게더 기도 2021년 20월

투게더 기도 2021년 20월   하나님 아버지, 우리 육신의 가족들을 위해 기도드립니다. 우리 모든 가정들 위에 하나님의 사랑과 은혜가 충만하게 하여 주시옵소서.   우리가 살고 있는 모든 장소에 사랑과 애정, 양육과 짐을 서로 나눔 그리고 안전이 넘쳐나기를 기도합니다. 쓰라림과 분노, 갈등과 무엇보다도 폭력과 학대에서 벗어나게 하여 주시옵소서.   깨어진 관계와 신뢰의 배반의 아픔을 치유해 주시옵소서.…
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Life in Fellowship – Mike McClenahan

In this month’s episode of Life in Fellowship, TFC Board Secretary Dan Baumgartner talks with Board President Mike McClenahan, pastor at Solana Presbyterian Church, about his recent experience on the camino in Spain and how it relates to TFC’s value of Jesus-Shaped Identity. Watch the conversation on YouTube:

Church Characters

Harold…is a character. He’s 62 years old, a large and tall man who is part of our church family and recognizably needy in a number of ways. He lives in a subsidized apartment half an hour from the church and is on disability.  Harold shows up for volunteer landscape duty every Wednesday at the church,…
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