Theology Conference in San Diego

First Presbyterian Church San Diego, CA
January 28 at 12:00  to January 29 at 3:00
$100 registration includes lunch both days

Confessing what you believe
Believing what you confess

A Fellowship Community / ECO Theology Conference exploring the role of Reformed Confessions in the life of the church today. Hear thoughtful presentations by Richard Burnett, Laura Smit, Mateen Elass, Jerry Andrews, and Richard Gibbons on

  • the value of confessions among the Reformed;
  • the role of articulated Essential Tenets in our common life;
  • what does it mean to sincerely adopt and hold to the confessions;
  • our continuing confessional commitments;

with opportunity to discuss, debate, and deliberate. Register Online


Practical Spiritual Leadership

Westminster Presbyterian Church Rockford, IL
Saturday, January 24th
$25 before 1/1/15 $35 after 1/1/15

 A Fellowship Community Regional Event

Presentations by

  • Mark Brewer -President of the Fellowship Community Presiding Board
  • Sara Singleton – Founding Director of ELI – Elder Leadership Institute
  • Paul Detterman – The Fellowship Community, Louisville, KY
  • Barry Ensign – George Office of Theology and Worship, Louisville, KY
  • Rob Bullock – The Presbyterian Foundation, Jeffersonville, IN

Register online or by calling (815) 282-1500