Join the Advent ExperienceThis time of year is full of all sorts of distractions – from the consumerism that surrounds us, to the relationships that seem more complicated at this time of year, to the gatherings we feel compelled to either plan or be a part of.  It’s noisy.  It’s difficult.  Although the “most wonderful time of the year” tries to invoke all the nostalgia of the season, we often find ourselves feeling nauseated.


But we can choose something different.


We can choose the quiet places.  The meaningful relationships.  The times for community.  The moments for reflection.  The realizing of the present.  The value of people and not things.  We can choose these things.


So we invite you to join us as we provide opportunities for you to choose the life-giving instead of the life-sucking.  This is an EXPERIENCE.  It isn’t just words on paper.  There are questions to ponder and interact with.  There are activities that invite the building of community and family.  There are moments for listening.  There is space for breathing deeply.


Each week we’ll practice a rhythm together:

  • Sundays you will read the devotional provided in the DOWNLOADABLE book (ready for download starting November 1st) Take the time to read the Scripture passage for the week and think through the questions asked.  On Sundays you’ll also receive an email that will guide you in a time as a family or community as you light a candle each week and think on what Advent, Christmas and Epiphany are all about.
  • Mondays and Tuesdays you will receive emails that continue the focus for the week – through the reading of Scripture or reading an excerpt from a book.
  • Wednesdays you will receive an email prayer to help keep you centered.
  • Thursday’s email will include a poem, or a song to listen to, or a photo or piece of art to meditate upon.
  • Fridays we will focus on God’s one holy, catholic church around the world.  We’ll be reminded of our brothers and sisters around the world who celebrate this time of year with us.
  • Saturdays are a day to share in a special activity with your family, small group or other community members.  We’ll always provide something that can be used for younger children as well as for adults

FOP-Advent-218x108-Join-the-Experience-Web-Button-d1Our hope is that as you live in the waiting of Advent, realize the birth of your Savior and look forward to Epiphany, you will find a deeper, richer relationship with Jesus and with one another.


If you would like to be a part of this experience, donate any amount and you’ll be able to download the devotional book – a six week journey through Epiphany, and you will also receive the daily email encouragements, exercises and activities. Churches:  Donate and receive a hi-res, print-ready version for you to print for your congregation by November 1st.