About the Community

Human beings need an authentic community where we truly belong: where we can celebrate and where we can cry; where we can be challenged to be our very best and where we can be forgiven when we have been our very worst.

We need a community where we can be welcomed and accepted, no matter who we are, where we’ve been, or what we’ve done,  where we can grow in our relationship with God and our relationship with one another.

We need a community where humility is genuine, radical life change is expected, spiritual growth and transformation is celebrated, and prayer and worship are central.

We need to be part of a community that is not about us except to help us be our best as we love, serve, and influence the world around us.

The Body of Christ, the Church, is intended to be this community.  But, for many of us, the contemporary “church” that we experience is tired, stressed, embattled, and afraid; a place of confusion, conflict, and fragmentation; a poor imitation of the broken world around it.

The Fellowship Community is a network of churches and leaders called together to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ by growing in Christ’s likeness, living by God’s word, and joining in God’s mission in the world.

We invite you to explore this website and discover the kind of community we are working to become. We also invite you to consider membership in The Fellowship Community.  We’ll be happy to answer questions and explain in more detail what makes our community—an “order” within and beyond the PC(USA).

Welcome! to The Fellowship Community.


Our History

The Fellowship Community is the next chapter in a rich history of mission and ministry among Presbyterians. In 1989, the Covenant Fellowship of Presbyterians and Presbyterians United for Biblical Concerns merged to form Presbyterians for Renewal (PFR)—a broad based advocacy and ministry organization.

In 2011, a movement began that would come to be known as the Fellowship of Presbyterians—reclaiming a covenanted biblical community within the PC(USA) where unity is derived from a clearly articulated theology, where the common mission is making disciples of Jesus Christ, and where a new generations of leaders could be nurtured to speak the gospel into a rapidly-changing world.

In 2014, these two organizations blended the best of their ministries together to form The Fellowship Community.



Paul Detterman, National Director
Jane Harper, Community Administrator
Debbie Detterman, Financial Administrator
Mike Porter, Coordinator of Connectional Ministries
Rebecca Bowman, Administrator of Connectional Ministries
Ray Hollenbach, Consultant in Small Church Spiritual Formation
Arwen McGilvra, Webmaster and Social Media
Michelle De Monnin, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist


Presiding Board

Mark Brewer, Englewood, CO – President
Nicole Lock, Atlanta, GA – Vice President
Charlie Stine, Norfolk, VA – Treasurer
Jerry Andrews, San Diego, CA
Dan Baumgartner, Hollywood, CA
Becce Bettridge, Friday Harbor, WA
Marilyn Borst, Atlanta, GA
Herb Codington, Clinton, SC
Megan Katerjian, LaCañada, CA
Donna Marsh, Washington, D.C.
Jeff Meyers, Atlanta, GA
Jim Singleton, Ipswich, MA
Bill Teng, Arcadia, FL


Advisory Board

Jim Singleton, Chairman, Ipswich, MA
Marnie Crumpler, Atlanta, GA
Thomas Daniel, Austin, TX
Bob Fryling, Woodbridge, IL
Kathy Goodrich, Bozeman, MT
Ralph Hawkins, New Wilmington, PA
Peter James, Vienna, VA
Tim Snow, Seattle, WA

Theology Task Force

Jerry Andrews, San Diego, CA
Richard Burnette, Due West, SC
Allan Poole, Durham, NC


Wee Kirk NETWORK (small church ministry)

Sue Babovec, North Manchester, IN
Robbie Carnes, Los Angeles, CA
Herb Codington, Clinton, SC
Chuck Compton, Flora, IN
Jim Deal, Wenatchee, WA
Jim Friedmeyer, Henry, IL
Joan Gaines, Amarillo, TX
Tee Gatewood, Banner Elk, NC
Tom Hastie, Huntington, WV
Newell Krogmann, Le Sueur, MN
Bill Lawrence, Mineral City, OH
Sue Spencer, Akron, CO
Phyllis Tincher, Boise, ID
Mark Unrue, Youngstown, OH


Ecumenical Advisors

Wes Barry, Charlotte, NC (ECO)
Marty Guise, Eureka, MO (Lay Renewal Ministries)
Terry Gyger, Atlanta, GA (PCA)
Donna Marsh, Washington, D.C. (PCUSA)
Ron Reinstra, Holland, MI (CRC)